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Jamboard is a tried and trusted Google product

Try before you buy

Hire Jamboard for 2 or 4 weeks and let your team test drive its interactive touchscreen, collaboration and Cloud computing capabilities

Jamboard is an interactive device that makes collaboration productive and fun ... try it!

Jamboard features a 55" 4K display with hypersensitive touchscreen and 60Hz refresh rate. Jamboard has a built-in wide angle HD camera, microphone and speakers to make it the simplest, clearest collaboration device available.

NEW FEATURE - Meet for Jamboard

Videoconferencing just got better with the addition of Meet for Jamboard.
This new feature is the perfect upgrade for small meeting rooms or huddle spaces, greatly increasing meeting efficiency.

WATCH - Meet for Jamboard

Try before you buy >> Hire for 2 or 4 weeks (including free training). No fee if you buy.

The wonders of co-authoring and teamwork on Jamboard

Collaborate on content, draw, amend, erase using sensitive touch. Try before you buy to discover how Jamboard brings your work to life and helps people to work closely together.

Jamboard collaboration is dynamic, productive and fun!

  1. Jamboard-to-Jamboard and via App on mobile and tablet
  2. Auto session save and resume where you left off
  3. Make the most of Cloud computing and the Google suite

Connect, create, access and control with G suite

Jamboard's interactive touchscreen is part of G suite, which is a business favourite for communications, storage and calendars that boost teamwork.


Try Jamboard before you buy - experience is believing

To get a real feel for why Jamboard is getting rave reviews hire a Jamboard at great rates for a month. Test drive Jamboard's collaboration features, speed, touch sensitivity and massive fun factor. Buy later, when your team gives a thumbs up.

Try Jamboard before you buy






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