Texas Pacific

Texas Pacific

Texas Pacific Group is a leading global private investment firm and long-standing Carillion client.

Project Scope

Projects include remedial work on previous installations, boardroom rebuild, US systems integration, and equipping the new Luxembourg office. One boardroom presented exceptional challenges that ruled out rear projection. The just-released Panasonic 103” plasma screen was selected as the solution but a crane was needed to get it into the building. Carillion also had to design and manufacture a heavy duty steel fabrication that fixed to both floor and ceiling concrete slabs.


With accuracy to within less than 1mm in all planes, the installation won praise from Panasonic as the most accurate mounting that they had encountered. Combined with a specialist speaker installation using a pair of steerable array loudspeakers to prevent sound spill, the boardroom is an extremely flexible space that gives Texas Pacific significant new ways to work.


"An extremely usable and flexible large Boardroom which meets all of Texas Pacific’s needs with no drawbacks." - Texas Pacific

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